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Occasionally, surgery is required to help bring your pet back to full health. Here at Heritage Animal Hospital, we ensure that your furry loved ones are given the best care possible with experienced doctors, skilled technicians, and state-of-the-art equipment. Here's a little bit more about the operations that we commonly perform:

A pet in a cone after cat orthopedic surgery.

Orthopedic Surgery for Dogs and Cats in Logan Utah

Orthopedic Surgery is a procedure that's actually used to repair the bone or joint of your pet. This is often used to help an animal that's fractured a bone or is suffering from congenital joint disease and puts them on the road to a life that's once again healthy and happy. While the cost of this operation isn't cheap, and the road to full recovery can be a long one, it is worth it to see your beloved animal back to their energetic and playful self. 

Our doctors are specially trained to handle these procedures and use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Tools and materials such as pins, screws, bone plates, casts, and even artificial joints are used to correct any problems. Heavy sedation and anesthesia are also required for these operations as they can take several hours to complete, and we'll ensure that extensive blood work and health testing is performed beforehand. This ensures that our patients are in good health and ready.


When it comes to your pet’s orthopedic surgery near Logan, we can perform a variety of bone and joint correction procedures such as:

  • Cruciate ligament repair  

  • Bone Pining

  • Bone Plating

  • Limb Amputation

Whatever the case, we can help! Heritage Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service, doctors, and technicians. Give us a call today at (435) 535-3634. We'll answer any questions you have about orthopedic surgery for pets in Logan Utah and help you get started!


  • How effective is orthopedic surgery for dogs or cats in Logan UT?
    Whether it's a bone fracture or a persisting issue with your pet's joint health, these operations are some of the best when it comes to getting them back on their feet again. Our doctors have the experience and knowledge necessary to make these operations as affordable, pain-free, and quick as possible.
  • How long does the recovery process take?
    The road back to full health can take several months for your dog or cat. For the first two weeks, they'll be restricted from participating in any type of physical activity. This includes walking, jumping, playing, and running, and will require active supervision from the owner. After this, they'll be limited to lighter movements and exercise, and may even need to participate in specialized physical therapy to finish the healing process. Overall, you can expect recovery to take anywhere from four to six months!
  • How much does it cost?
    This depends on the procedure and possibly the extent of the injury. For a general estimate, feel free to give us a call at (435) 535-3634. We'll get you a price and answer any questions you have about cat or dog orthopedic surgery in Cache Valley (for a detailed estimate an exam and consultation with a veterinarian will likely be needed).
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