When it comes to breeding your dog, our veterinarians can help! We offer canine reproductive services in Logan Utah and the surrounding area. We know how much time, effort and expense you put into your puppies and want to make sure that your dog's are healthy and tested to determine the best time to pair them with a mate. Here at Heritage Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of services including progesterone testing and artificial insemination.

Some puppies that we're bred using our artificial inseminaton an reproduction servics in Logan UT.

Progesterone Testing (same day results):

Miss-timed mating is by far the most common cause of "infertility" in the female dog. This problem can be avoided by using progesterone levels to approximate ovulation in the bitch. Secretion of progesterone is generally at its highest during the canine estrus (heat) cycle and it increases slowly as a bitch approaches ovulation.  We often recommend starting testing on or around day seven of the heat cycle. A series of progesterone tests will be needed. With our in-house diagnostics, we'll be able to give you same day results and recommend an appropriate time for breeding.

Artificial Insemination:

This process is a canine reproduction service in Logan UT that allows you to breed your female, even when the male isn't present. We perform vaginal insemination using fresh or fresh-chilled semen and surgical insemination with frozen semen. Artificial insemination is frequently used when there are behavioral or physical limitations that prevent natural breeding. 


Ultrasounds and x-rays are an important way to determine puppy counts. Here at Heritage Animal Hospital, we use state of the art equipment to give you accurate counts and screen for abnormalities in fetal development.

If you're in need of an x-ray, progesterone testing, artificial insemination, or other reproductive services for dogs near Logan, give us a call today at (435) 535-3634. We'll get you in touch with a member of our team that can answer your questions and help you get started!