Dog Full Day $20, 1/2 day (<6 hours) $15
Cat Dayboarding $10


Dog Boarding (Per Night) $26 in runs, $34 in Suites - Checkout at 10am

Dog Boarding SHARED Space (Per Night) $22 in runs, $30 in Suites 

Cat Boarding (Per Night) $15, Shared Space $12 - Checkout at 10am

Boarding is billed nightly. Checkout is at 10 am on day of departure. Extended stay option is available for those wanting their pets to stay longer for $13 for dogs and $8 for cats (The extended stay option and associated charge is applied to any pet checking out after 10am on the day of departure).

A tiered discount may be applied for stays of 4 nights or longer (~5% off each nights stay).


Reservations for Holidays require a deposit. Deposit is per guest. Dogs: $22-26 for kennels, $30-34 for suites. $15 for cats. Deposits are applied to the cost of the completed stay.

**48 hour notice of cancellation BY PHONE is required for refund of deposit**

There is a $3 a night boarding fee for all holidays/peak times  (Includes: Labor and Memorial Day Weekends, Cache County Spring and Fall Break)


**Holidays/Peak Boarding Periods requiring deposit: Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July, 24th of July, Labor Day Weekend , Thanksgiving, Cache County Schools Spring and Fall Break**


There is a $2 per day charge for intact guests (not spayed or neutered) and $2 per day charge for pets requiring medications

Boarding dogs + Day Daycare Combo's are available for $5 per 4 hour play session